Capabilities for Development

Evitac Electronics uses various CAD software packages for the development of hardware. This concerns the following packages:

  • Orcad Capture/Cadence Allegro
  • Mentor Graphics PADS
  • Altium Designer
  • Autodesk Eagle CAD
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Autodesk Inventor

Alternative packages are negotiable.

PCB Layout
PCB Layout

Capabilities for PCB/PCBA Prodruction

PCB Production/Assembly
PCB Production/Assembly

New techniques are being developed or improved every day. This also means that the possibilities in the field of manufacturing and assembling PCBs are being further developed. Components are getting smaller, PCB tracks are becoming narrower and many other clever features are coming onto the market as we speak.

Evitac is a company that is only too happy to keep up with these developments. In this way we always try to provide our customers with the maximum feasible.

General possibilities that we are able offer:

  • 1 – 40 layers of printed circuit boards
  • 75 um minimum track width
  • 75 um minimum space between tracks
  • 0.1 mm minimum drill size diameter
  • Controlled impedance of +/- 5%
  • HASL/Lead Free HASL finishing
  • Immersion Gold finishing
  • Hard Gold finishing
  • Glass epoxy
  • Polyimide
  • TG value 125 – 300 degrees
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